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DigiFlip Tablets Price List in India
Prices for DigiFlip Tablets in India were last updated on December 11, 2019. DigiFlip Tablets in India has 3 models being sold in the market. DigiFlip Pro XT911 (Wi-Fi/16GB/3G) is the best DigiFlip Tablets available in the market at a price of Rs.14999. The latest DigiFlip Tablets to be available is DigiFlip Pro XT811 (Wi-Fi/16GB/3G) at a price of Rs.9999. DigiFlip Pro XT911 (Wi-Fi/16GB/3G) is one of the most popular DigiFlip Tablets, available for best online price at flipkart. DigiFlip Tablets has 3 Tablets being sold in the market. DigiFlip Pro XT911 (Wi-Fi/16GB/3G) is the costliest Tablets of DigiFlip in the Indian market with a price of Rs.14999. Flipkart is known as the biggest competitor of Amazon in India. When amazon was drawing all the attention for its Kindle, Flipkart also made a marked entry in launching consumer electronics by launching its first tablet Digiflip tab in 2014. Flipkart looking at the market trend smartly priced this tab for below INR 10,000. Flipkart rightly understands the need of the market and its inclination towards tablets. There is a huge inclination of buying force towards low budget tablets and hence Flipkart launched its tablets with various specifications that would suffice for daily social connect, entertainment and internet browsing. Flipkart has launched 3 more tablets under Digiflip to cater various price needs. These tablets are priced aptly to sell good for students who do not wish to spend more than 6-7K for a tablets. Its another tablet Digiflip Pro XT series offers two tablets one priced below 8K and another priced below 12k. Despite of aggressive pricing and decent features Digiflip is yet to make a mark for its tablet series in India. It did not sell well as expected and faced tough competition from brands like Asus, Dell, HP and Micromax which offer highend specifications and affordable pricing. The page was last updated on December 11, 2019.