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Television models today cannot be just defined by the simple features of a tuner, screen, decoder and audio support. It is much more than humans ever envisioned about. CRT which was believed to be the path-finding technology for televisions has now been left behind with many more latest technologies knocking our door. Most of the manufacturers discontinued making CRT by 2008. LCDs created a mark when they were launched but soon after that LED’s entered the market with their innovative technologies. LEDs are expected to be gradually replaced by OLEDs in the near future . Plasma was the most ground breaking technology a couple of years back and the major seller of that was Panasonic. Bundled with features like larger sized screen, clear motion technology and good audio support made them stand out from the rest of the crowd. With the advent of new technology, another feature of LED TVs that have come into factor is Smart TVs. There is no standard definition for these TVs as they may vary among different manufacturers. One brand may call a TV a smart TV when it has Wi-fi connectivity, built in apps and an app store while other brand may distinguish their internet ready TV as smart TV. It is completely dependent on the manufacturer to identify specifications under which a TV can be called smart TV. Technically, a smart TV should have web features, interactive media, streaming content and should come with an operating system. For users, what matters is their choice in terms of the specifications that they are looking at. Display, audio support, viewing angles, refresh rate etc are very important important features which are to be considered before buying a TV.
Another factor to be considered while buying LED TVs is the type of backlight used.

  1. Edgelit LED – Decent image quality, non-uniform light distribution, slim design and low cost.
  2. Backlit LED – High image quality, uniform contrast, a bit thicker on the design front.

While selecting a display size a cautious decision should be made based on the viewing distance. For budget models having a screen size of 32inches, the safe number for viewing distance will be 4-6 feet. If you are looking for a LED TV it is imperative that you figure out your viewing distance before deciding on the size of the display. 
Distance factor also affects the quality of your 3D TV experience. These days manufacturers also suggest the minimum viewing distance associated to a screen size to enjoy the best 3D, Plasma, 4K Ultra HD and Full HD experience. 3D viewing is again divided into two varieties -
1. Active 3D – Offers Full HD resolution but is very expensive.
2. Passive 3D – Does not strain the human eye and is cheaper.

OLED is the new in-thing technology that has changed the face of TV when it comes to its advancement. They display good colour uniformity, higher refresh rates but the downside is that they are priced on the higher spectrum. These days there are varieties of screen panels to choose from, out of which IPS panels are considered as being the best across all categories due to their decent colour uniformity, faster response time. Options are varied and aplenty to choose from, but you need to select what suits your need. Bigger the better is not always true atleast when it concerns televisions. Popular display sizes in India are 32 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches and 50 inches, with the first two screen sizes falling under the category of budget models. You can easily get a huge selection of Smart TV, HD ready TV, Full HD TV, Internet TV, 3D TV and Plasma from all the screen sizes. However the experience of 4K Ultra HD is pretty much restricted to high-end models having bigger screen sizes like 55,60 and 65 inches. This is the same case with OLED Curved TVs too. These television sets are complete entertainment packages and they are also capable of keeping you socially connected through their in-built apps like Skype, Facebook. Major brands of TVs who have a good foothold on the TV market in India are Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips and the likes. Some upcoming brands which have entered this market are Micromax, Vu, Intex etc. All these brands sell their products on the online platform and they also offer a variety of options like home delivery service, payment via EMI, Credit Card. We, FindYogi help you by making the right choice when it comes to buying the right model based on your requirements for screen size, importance of clarity, detail in pictures and budget 

The page was last updated on November 22, 2019.