List of Best 42 inch LED Televisions India

In the present market of TV varieties, LEDs take the cake among the numerous brands of TV in India. It is due to their ability to produce detailed colour brightness and provide low power consumption. Concerning screen sizes, 42 inch screen size for LED TVs is quite popular among the general masses in India. This screen size is a perfect fit for houses with decent sizes when it concerns the living room and specifically for various apartments where the rooms are bigger. In this aspect, viewing distance plays a huge factor and it is suggested to have a viewing distance between 6 to 8 ft. Usually, LED or HD TVs of bigger screen sizes are prescribed for bigger rooms due to the fact that picture clarity, colour production in HD and 3D can only be experienced properly from a good distance. Otherwise, the viewing tends to come as a cropper if it is not maintained at a decent length/distance. This way, the user gets to enjoy the visual experience and also garner the most out of the screen. Sound system with these HD TVs are also well received from a decent distance hence it is of utter importance that you consider viewing distance before finalizing on the screen size of the TV.